Over a Million Sign Petition Against Illegal Organ Harvesting in China


(Original report by The Voice of Russia – ToT)

Hearts ripped out, livers missing, and brains pulled from healthy human bodies – this is the grim reality for Falun Gong members in China,—a spiritual discipline that stems from Buddhist traditions. In a new petition, activist Dr. Damon Noto revealed to the Voice of Russia that of the over a million who signed the global petition, 46 thousand Russians want to put a stop to the illegal organ harvesting. He explained that the final goal of the petition is to force the United Nations to start an investigation in China on this twisted practice of killing Falun Gong members for their organs.

While evidence continues to pile up proving that Falun Gong followers are being gutted for their precious organs, little has been done to stop this cruel practice. “There’s been little discussion or initiative to actually do an investigation or a third party investigation,” Dr. Damon Noto, spokesperson for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) said to the Voice of Russia.

Up until now exactly 1,493,000 people have signed the petition that started back in July 2013 against the illegal organ harvesting being carried out in China. Signatures were mainly collected by volunteers who went door-to-door. From Russia alone, there were 46,819 signatures, while 37,560 signatures came from Ukraine. It is clear to see from the figures that Eastern Europeans are disgusted by how the Chinese are being mistreated by their own government …. More

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