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A short video profiling artist Anders Eriksson, from Sweden. As a practitioner of Falun Dafa, Anders has a unique insight into both the practice of Falun Dafa and its influence on him as an artist, and the persecution perpetrated by China’s CCP. Anders has used his talents for over a decade to raise awareness of this tragic campaign against Falun Dafa.

Transnational Crime: Organ Transplant Abuse

David Matas 2016

Presentation at the World Congress on Criminology, New Delhi, India, 17 December, 2016 By David Matas What I want to discuss is transplant tourism, patients going abroad to buy organs for transplant in a foreign country. In particular, what I intend to address is the situation where transplant tourists go abroad to buy organs procured from prisoners of conscience killed […]

Raped and Almost Killed for Her Organs, Chinese Woman Tells Horrifying Story

Woman Raped

Arrested and tortured for their beliefs, female Falun Gong  practitioners run the risk of sexual assault and rape from inmates, police and labor camp guards – there are numerous accounts. Here is one such tragic story, recalled by a female practitioner -TOT In 2006, a Chinese woman from the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing was abducted by a group of men who tied […]

Truth On Tour Guyana artist ICOMM (Malcolm Wilson) and his song Righteous Generation, featured on the Truth On Tour compilation album, available here  

Canadian MPs Speak Out on China’s Persecution of Falun Gong

Canadian MP

On the eve of Human Rights Day, Canadian MPs on Parliament Hill showed support for pressuring China’s ruling regime to stop persecuting Falun Gong. – TOT  PARLIAMENT HILL—Some 700 people gathered on Parliament Hill on Dec. 9, the eve of Human Rights Day, to deliver 95,000 petition signatures to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to urge his government to pressure China to end […]

New Documentary “Hard To Believe” Investigates Organ Harvesting

Hard To Believe

A new documentary released by Swoop Films investigates the origin and systematic expansion of state-sponsored organ harvesting, conducted by China’s ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Through personal stories and facts, the film exposes the mass-murder of prisoners of conscience – TOT PRESS RELEASE A serious documentary investigation into the recent mass murder of prisoners of conscience through organ transplantation in China will […]